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Answers of experts to questions on the different security lock systems are found below. Do you have questions regarding your keys? Are you wondering about the condition of your locks? Learn everything you need to know right here!

What should I do to prepare for a locksmith?

In the experience of locksmith Tujunga it is advisable to get any relevant paperwork ready just in case it is needed for the installation and maintenance work. Make sure the phone is on so that you can be contacted easily. This also means that you should leave the line free for the locksmith to call.

Does superglue help remove broken keys?

Apparently, this is nothing more than an urban legend. No: you cannot remove a broken key using a bit of superglue even when it is placed on a cocktail stick. In any case the most likely result is to ensure that the lock will be permanently ruined.

Does dust affect the efficiency of a lock

Just like anything else, excessive dust will get into the pins and levers. However there is an inbuilt protective mechanism that can withstand ordinary use. As an example, a person living in an arid region or a similarly hostile geographical region then you need specialized locks.

What should I do after a break in?

After a break in, you should notify the authorities right away. After that, our locksmith professionals recommend that you contact us. By calling the authorities first, you are allowing proper investigation at the crime scene before the locksmith can start with the repairs.

Aside from a locking system, what else can I do to protect my home?

While it never hurts to add another lock in order to boost your home’s security, if you want to make sure that you can respond properly to compromised security then it is recommended that you add a security camera or two in your home. An array of locks cannot completely guarantee safety, after all.

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